Attack on Titan’s multiplayer patch turns what was a slog into a joy. You only need to make the killing blow on four or five titans yourself to get an S-rank, making teamwork a real asset. You can split up and handle the dregs quickly, then come together and take out the bosses at high speed. Strategy is likewise suddenly an option as one player can distract a titan while the others hack at its weak points. But best of all, levels that used to take thirty minutes now take ten.

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  1. Hi guys I have been playing this game for about 3-4 days its a really good game the graphics are amazing and mechanics are easy when you get the hang of it at some points it can get stressful but its a really good and fun game to play and I would recommend it

  2. because of the language maybe you dont know it but you can attack 3 times in a row by pressing attack button after a successfull attack other 2 times no need to do that 4:23 not all the characters have it except if you level them up but i think levi and mikasa have it as skill from level 1 use it it is very helpfull 😉


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