Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Elgato’s sequel to the HD60 game capture device offers low lag game capturing but the hardware requirements are steep! See more gaming: and subscribe!

It currently retails for $179.

00:47 – Hardware overview
02:00 – Minimum requirements (quad core processor)
03:22 – Low latency game capturing test
04:16 – Software overview
06:25 – Latency when overlaying webcam and broadcasting
07:34 – Processor demands
09:11 – 1080 60 fps capture footage
10:43 – Xsplit Test
11:41 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See my original Elgato HD60 Review and Footage:

See more sample footage here including a YouTube Live sample (at 3 megabits per second) and recorded output from Xsplit:

Elgato makes great capture hardware but I’ve found their software isn’t as good. The HD60 S does the job of bringing very low latency capturing to PCs but the lag will come into play when overlaying web cams and broadcasting to Twitch and other streaming services.

The hardware requirements are also very intense – quad core i5 4th generation (4xxx) or better. In my testing a Skylake 6th generation quad core i7 based machine had a hard time implementing all of the software features without introducing lag and audio dropoffs on the audio capture.

I had much better luck using third party software. Both xSplit and OBS (Open Broadcaster) worked better than the Elgato software and is what I’d recommend for streamers.

The Elgato software will do fine for basic recording and I really like its DVR functionality.

Bottom line on this one? If you don’t have a fast computer that meets the minimum specifications go with the HD60. That one will get by with a dual core i5 vs. the quad core requirement on this one.

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  1. I bought this capture card a few days ago and it works really well.
    I'm using an old desktop pc to record and stream.

    For anybody that's interested, you need a powerful cpu AND a powerful gpu/graphics card.

    I've got a custom rig set up from an old Optiplex 390.
    The cpu is an i7 2600
    The gpu is an Nvidia 1050 T.I.
    I also maxed out the ram at 16GB to help the system run smooth as possible.

    Using OBS or the Elgato software, be sure to set the encoder to the hardware mode (Nvenc which is the encoder built into the graphics card) and it will greatly reduce the strain on your cpu.

    Before adding the graphics card, my cpu would be at 70% trying to record or stream from the original elgato HD.
    When I added the gpu to the mix, the cpu usage now works between 9-14% when streaming/recording.

  2. i'm facing this error: game capture hd60 s needs to be connected to a usb 3.0 port to function properly. i did a lot of things but nothing solved it 🙁 can someone help me ?

  3. If I have an Elgato hd60 S, and use the latest MacBook Pro with a quad core processor, will I have fps issues? I’m using a duel core i5 on a MacBook Air, and my fps has been stuck around 10-20fps. And yes all the software on the Elgato is up to date

  4. This is the capture card I use for my Twitch live streams and I freaking love it. There's so little latency you can almost play through the capture Window(don't do that BTW). What I found out later is that it even allows 4K 60 Hz passthrough, meaning I can record at 1080p while playing in 4K.

  5. I'm thinking about getting the HD60 S. Got Windows 10, 3.0 USB, Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-8250U CPU @1.60GHz 1.88GHz, 12 GB RAM, 64 Bit OPS. And for a video card I have Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620. Just wondering if I can run a HD60 S? Thanks for letting us know that the software struggles…I use OBS anyways. But please let me know if it can work on my new laptop, thanks

  6. Purchase the Elgato HD 60s. But I don’t do gaming. All I want is to use my camcorder as a web cam. The guy at the store said this would be the one for me.. I’m not sure. What do you say?

  7. well wish i found this before i ordered the hd60s found out i have duo core i5 5200u so im pretty sure it wont work and idk if il be able to return it to get the hd60 or il just keep it until i build a gaming pc 🙁


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