Quick look at the Dead Matter (early) Alpha build, set in 2025 when the population of the planet has become mostly infected. Similar to other sandbox survival games, (such as DayZ and The WarZ) Dead Matter stands out on its own as it is being developed as a single player experience, rather than a persistent multiplayer sandbox.

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  1. I've seen Jooni ban a lot of people on the forum and the discord for not bowing down to her politically correct, social justice warrior type attitude. She clearly can't handle criticism. She pretends to be the mother of an entire forum, discord, and I would have to assume this attitude carries over to the dev team. Which is probably why creativity is completely snuffed out at this point, as well as the community.

    It was probably her dumbass idea to put electricity in a zombie game as well as the survival watches for casuals and non-gamers so they dont get "lost". But the reality is her political correctness / need to control everything like a sociopathic mother, will literally kill this game, and all of its creativity. In the last 6 months literally nothing new has been added, no new advances in gameplay, nothing.

    This libtard narcissistic attitude will be the death of this game and all the creativity it ONCE had. NEVER DEVELOP GAMES WITH YOUR MOTHER, or a sociopathic controlling CUNT (Can't Understand Normal Thinking)

    But yeah! Continue banning everyone that says something "naughty" or criticizes gameplay aspects even though they've offered large amounts of time to simply giving you ideas. (Most viewed thread in suggestions). You're a douche bag Jooni and at this point, it's easy to see why this game has gone down hill with no creativity, nothing but a DayZ 2.0 Running Simulator; and why it will eventually fail with you on the team.

    #ThanksFeminism you destroyed yet another prospect.

  2. In case someone didn't know, there is currently a Dead Matter game in development which is set to release in Alpha some time during Q4 of this year (2018). I don't want to advertise any links without the uploader's permission, but if you wanna learn more just Google "Dead Matter game".

  3. thats what they all say they say they ggona have realy epic stuff and all it ends up is shit no one plays game that barly gets updated and also this is one of chanells where they talk about game but dont tell bugs and glichets that come with it just go watch etalyx he does all games and tells truth including if its worth the money all u see here is positive and when u go buy a game it berly works

  4. Not always. Cry of Fear is considered a game, but it was originally a mod. And frankly, the now standalone version isn't too different from the original one. Just dragging in Cry of Fear as an example.

  5. I totally agree. I hated when I get snipped by some guy camping on a hilltop somewhere. I just want to play a really good survival game with nothing but me vs the zombies and no one else there to ruin my experience.

  6. Eh, can we use melee? It would be cool if zombies were attracted to sound like in last of us or the movie World War Z. So melee would be the safest way to kill the zombies, or use an surpressor for the firearm.

  7. You know what a mp zombie game needs? Player insanity. The one issue i have with all online games is that fact that 90% of the worlds population likes to be selfish. If a zombie game had a mechanic in which the character would go insane eventualy from killing living people, the player would at some point either lose control of their person and he goes on a massive zombie murder spree as a psycopath until he eventualy gets overun by infected or the character halucenates untill eventual death.


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